Conservation Fundraising

As an AZA accredited facility, Sequoia Park Zoo incorporates wildlife conservation as an essential part of its mission. This includes spreading awareness about threats to wildlife and habitats, inspiring conservation action among our visitors, and helping to fund conservation field work.

Established in 2011, Sequoia Park Zoo’s Conservation Fund enables the zoo to directly impact local and global conservation by providing financial support to select organizations and field projects. Because we are a small zoo, fundraising is needed from a variety of sources to make a significant conservation impact. The zoo solicits funds for conservation through the Quarters for Conservation program, sale of Red Panda Paintings, and fundraising events like International Red Panda Day. One dollar of each zoo membership also goes into the conservation fund.

On your next zoo visit, you can help contribute to this fund by purchasing items from the gift shop or putting your spare change in one of the coin racers located throughout the zoo. Check out the links below for more information on our fundraising efforts.

Support for Conservation